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@2017 by Christ Our King Catholic Church.

Christ Our King Preschool


The 2yr old program meets T/Th (8:30-11:45) and the 3yr old program meets M/W/F (8:30-11:45) in the Parish Life Center. In order to register you MUST provide a parish verification form (obtained from the parish office), a copy of you child's birth certificate, a registration form, and a $50 registration fee. For additional info, please click here or contact Kathy Jones at (843) 884-5587 ext. 210 or via email at katjones68@gmail.com.


Preschool Hours

From 8:30 to 11:45 am. Early drop off begins at 8:05 (or when teachers arrive from COK-SM dropoffs). Please park in the church parking lot for drop-off and pick-up. Please pick-up by 11:45am.


Our messages will be displayed on the bulletin board or sent home. It is very difficult for teachers to accept verbal messages from a child or during busy drop-off times. Please leave a dated note with us explaining your message. You may phone us and leave a message if we are unable to answer at that time. Notes and other messages should be placed in our mailbox inside the classroom.

Clothing/Personal Belongings

If your child is NOT potty trained: Please have a full change of clothing (including socks) in your child's box and an ample supply of diapers. Comfortable play clothes should be worn each day. They will get dirty! Pants with an elastic waistband are ideal when using the bathroom. Belts are difficult to manipulate in an urgent situation. We use washable paints, but sometimes the artist gets excited. We will go outside every day the weather permits. As cooler weather approaches, be sure to send a light jacket. Remember to label all clothing. Tennis shoes are ideal for preschool. No black soled shoes are permitted in the gym. Toys should not be brought to school, as we cannot control their whereabouts.



You will be asked to provide the snack for the entire class about once every 2 months. Snacks usually consist of fruit, cheese, crackers, or cookies. You may wish to provide juice as well. A list will be posted and sent home.


Birthdays are special occasions for young children. If you child wishes, they may provide a special treat for their birthday. Please no cupcakes. Some children like to donate a book to the preschool on their birthday. We make a big deal out of it too.


We encourage parents to participate in their child's activities. We will have 3 scheduled parties: Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. The other holidays will be celebrated simply in the class. The 3 year old class will be having unit celebrations which will be explained in a monthly newsletter. We would appreciate and help you can give on these occasions. A class parent (or parents) will help with the organizing of these. Please let me know if you would be interested in being a room parent.


  • 8:05-8:45 Free Play

  • 8:45-9:15 Circle Time

  • 9:15-10:15 Centers

  • 10:15-10:45 Clean-up/Snack

  • 10:45-11:45 Outdoor Play

Our circle time is fun. "Randy" our class raccoon helps introduce letters. We read/discuss books and Bible stories, we talk about the calendar and weather, we sing songs, we do finger plays, and we get to know one another. We work in small groups on art projects and skills. Teachers work with children individually on certain skills that are age appropriate.


I will send home monthly newsletters with skills, activities, important dates, snack lists, reminders, etc. Please read these carefully as I usually do not send home additional notes. I will post these on the bulletin board as well.

Book orders

I will periodically send home Scholastic book order forms. This is an excellent and inexpensive way to buy books for your child or as gifts. Our school is also able to select books from bonus points from your orders. Orders will have a deadline that will ensure delivery of books before certain holidays. Please make checks out to Scholastic.

Themes (3 year-old class)

Each month we focus on a theme and incorporate our activities and circle time around that theme. If you have any books, stickers, activities, or other related things that would enhance our themes, please let me know if you would like to share them. Themes this year might include: Manners, Safety, Fall Fun, Western (cowboys and Indians), Five Senses, Space, Plants, Ocean/Beach, Bugs, and others.

Letter Book

We do a letter a week. Your child will bring home a letter book. Please add the letter sheet that they do each week for a complete ABC book. If you review the other letters each week, you'll notice progress from the repetition.


The COK Preschool follows the same schedule as COK-SM School (with a few additions). In the event of severe weather conditions, COK-SM and the Preschool will close when the Charleston County School District closes. In the event of any delay of hours, COK Preschool will not meet that day.


Preschool Philosophy

Christ Our King Preschool operates as a ministry of the COK church. In addition to offering a program of early childhood education, we also incorporate the dimension of the Catholic faith. The communication of our faith is realized through the relationships the children have with members of the believing community. Your children will come to know that they are a member of God's family and why God is so special to them.