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Join Us

Christ Our King is a community of faith. The Holy Eucharist is our center and foundation.

Christ invites us to gather, to give thanks, and to encourage one another in faith.

He asks us to pray, to seek forgiveness, and to lift our hearts in worship. He summons us to hear God's Word and to receive grace through the Sacraments.

Christ calls us to seek salvation and to keep God's commandments. He urges us to keep Sunday holy and to teach our children in the ways of faith.

Christ challenges us to share in his mission: to spread the Gospel, to build God's Kingdom, to love, to serve, and to value every human life.

To be baptized in Christ is to be called to celebrate the Sacred Mysteries, to share in his Passion, Death and Resurrection, and to experience his true presence in the Eucharist. To belong to Christ is to hope in the promise of eternal life.

Come, follow Christ. Join us.

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