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Christ Our King is a tithing community. We tithe from the weekly collection to worthy charities as suggested by our parishioners.  Anyone wishing to submit a charity should contact Sue Miller in the parish office at 884-5587.

Request a Tithe for an Organization

We are a Sacrificial Giving Parish

As you may know, Christ Our King is a sacrificial giving parish. We encourage parishioners to give a tithe or the first ten percent of their income. One formula recommendation is to give half, or five percent, to the parish, four percent to your favorite charities and one percent to support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for the Catholic Diocese of Charleston. Each new year, we renew our commitment to sacrificial giving of our time, talent and treasure over a series of three weekends.

We are reminded that giving is a personal matter between each parishioner and God. We encourage you to give out of your need to thank God for the abundant blessings you have received. You may notice that second collections during the celebration of Sunday Liturgies at Christ Our King are rare. Second collections as mandated for specific weekends by the Diocese become the recipient of that weekend’s tithe with no actual second collection.

The parish practices sacrificial giving by awarding ten percent of weekend offertory collections to support charitable causes and projects locally, nationally and internationally. The parish initiated this practice in 1993. Since then, the parish has given more than $2,990,000 to charities, many of which are recommended by parishioners. Requests come to the parish for review by the parish tithe advisory committee, which makes recommendations of tithe recipients subject to the pastor’s final approval. Recipient organizations are then listed in the weekly bulletin so parishioners can see where their support is going throughout the year.

In the letter that is sent to each charitable organization to which a tithe has been designated, the recipient is asked to consider tithing ten percent of their gift from Christ Our King to another charity of their choice. Such action is an indication of our faith and generosity, a source of blessing to ourselves and others, and reaches beyond our own immediate focus. As we ask in the letter: “Why not pass it on?”

Here is a partial listing of organizations which have received financial support from our parish tithe. Feel free to click on any of the links below to learn more about a particular organization. Please note that this is not an endorsement of any organization listed. And also be aware that the focus of any non-profit organization’s work is subject to change at any time.

Parish Tithes

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