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Christ Our King
Diocese of Charleston

Christ Our King: Mrs. Jean Moschella, COKSM School Principal

The following is a letter Mrs. Moschella wrote to the entire COKSM School family (links added by webmaster):

Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Jean Moschella and I am the new principal of your school. I am very delighted to be here and I am looking forward to meeting each of you and to helping you attain the very best Catholic education possible.

I have been a life-long educator and have taught students of almost all levels. I have worked as an administrator and principal, and most recently have been principal of two Catholic shcools in Boston. Last year, just two weeks before school was to open, we learned that our school would close for good and so I decided to go to a Catholic school in Louisiana for the semester to volunteer to help out with the influx of students from New Orleans after Katrina. It was there that I saw first-hand how people of faith could come together and help each other in difficult times. I saw so much faith in action there and I decided that I would like to live in a place where people care deeply about each other and have a commitment to following the way of Jesus Christ.

I am very happy to be in South Carolina and especially happy to be at this wonderful school. My focus will be on helping to bring the school up to an even higher level of achievement and to keep the sense of community and family that is so evident here. It will be of utmost importance to me to maintain the Catholic identity of the school and to continually seek out ways in which our students can learn about and practice their faith. For this and so any other things, I know that I can rely on your help and support. Together, we will guide and educate our students to be the very best that they can be. The next two weeks will be very busy here as we get ready for the opening of school, but if you come in, don't be shy about introducing yourself.

I am excited about the coming year and the positive energy of the school suggests that it wll indeed be a very good experience for the students and for all of us.


Jean M. Moschella